AEG washing machine repair in Austin, TX

One of the most common problems with Ardo is the refusal of the technique to drain the water. Often, this pump problem forces us to do comprehensive diagnostics at home and repair Ardo washing machines in Austin, TX, in particular, due to the low power engine. In modern units, inexpensive pumps with two types of engines are used, differing only in power.

Low power electric motors

The first type of pump motors are very low power motors (20 - 30 W). The ability to rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise is one of the features of such an engine. Professional inexpensive repair of Ardo washing machines at home in Austin, TX is impossible to independently perform. The impeller in them is located on the shaft, so they are non-separable. The direction of rotation does not affect the pump's ability to pump water. Basically, the problems of electric motors of this brand are solved only in the case of a complete replacement.

Medium power motors (90 - 120 W)

The high risk of water getting into the bearings is the weakest point, so the repair of Ardo washing machines in Austin, TX begins with checking the integrity of the pump. To minimize this risk, O-rings are installed in the center bushing and grease is applied. Regular replacement of the lubricant at home can extend the life of your pump and avoid repairing the entire drain assembly for years to come. Regular prophylaxis and low-cost checks are indicative.

Diagnostics of nodes

In the event that, nevertheless, the pump has failed, then most likely a complete replacement of the entire unit will be required, however, before proceeding to a full-fledged repair of the Ardo washing machine at home, it is necessary to establish a "diagnosis" of the problem. You will need to check the integrity of the fuse in the pump winding - if after the engine has cooled down, the pump works, then you just need to replace the inexpensive thermal fuse. When replacing the drain pump, it is necessary to select a model that will meet the technical characteristics of your particular machine. Many Ardo washing machines have a drying mode, which means that the pump will continue to work continuously after the end of the wash. The need to pump out not only water, but also the resulting condensation creates an additional risk of repairing the Ardo washing machine or replacing components in Austin, TX. The most important criteria to look out for when choosing a pump are engine power and operating time. If you are faced with one of these problems or with any other, then you should contact the service center without delay to fix the problem. Our craftsmen have rich experience and carry out repairs of various Ardo brand washing machines at home using high-quality, original spare parts, which gives guarantees for the elimination of any malfunctions at a low cost.