How To Wash The Tulle In The Washing Machine

Tulle is sewn from a thin fabric, so ordinary washing in a Austin washing machine can damage the material. It is necessary to take into account the texture of the fabric, the type of weaving, the degree and type of pollution.

If the tulle hanging in the rooms is dusty, you can wash it using a regular bleach for delicate fabrics. You can order washing machine repair by Washer Pros of Austin.

  • In the kitchen, tulle not only gathers dust, but also absorbs particles of fat. Therefore, it can be removed using such a mixture: 1 l. ammonia, 2 l. add hydrogen peroxide to water t + 60C. Hold for half an hour, then rinse and dry.
  • Organza is washed by hand or in a typewriter: set to the “delicate washing” mode, at t + 30C. Squeezing, the material should not be twisted. When ironing, the iron should be warm.
  • Polyester is machine washable in “everyday wash” mode, at t + 40-60C. You need to iron on a damp cloth with a hot iron.
  • Veil tulle requires gentle handling, just as delicate as organza tulle.
  • Kapron is machine washable by setting the “daily wash” function at t + 60C.
  • Lace material must be placed in a special bag and put in the drum of the machine.
  • Before you clean the tulle from any fabric with machine wash, you need to soak it.
  • You can achieve a whitening effect by adding blue to the washing powder. Oxygen-free chlorine bleach will also help restore color. Do not wring the fabric. Hang and allow to dry.
  • You can return the whiteness to the old tulle with an oxygen-based bleach. The main thing is to use the product without chlorine. Organza is whitened with a mixture of a few drops of ammonia and washing powder. Pre-soak in starch dissolved in water, if the tulle is very dirty.
  • When washing kapron tulle, adding zelenka, about 13 drops per 200 grams of water, you can achieve the original color.
  • When mixing the ingredients, you need to make sure that there is no precipitate.
  • When washing lace curtains, you can add hydrogen peroxide, pour half the bottle into the capacity of the washing machine designed for powder.
  • Combined curtains are washed as usual with the addition of oxygen-containing bleach.
  • It is better to starch a tulle from a nylon, organza or veil: it will be wonderful to wash off, since the starch film will protect it from pollution.
  • To starch the curtain, you need to pour 2 tablespoons of starch with 1 glass of cold water and stir. Gently pour in a thin stream into boiling water, and stir. When boiling - remove from heat, strain through a sieve or cheesecloth, and pour into a container of cold water. In this liquid, rinse the tulle, squeeze and let the water drain. Iron the damp curtain with a warm iron.