Zanussi washing machine repair in Austin, TX

The Zanussi company was formed in 1916 in Italy by one enterprising young man Antonio Zanussi, its path began with the production of kitchen stoves and today it occupies one of the leading positions in the world market. The main reason for the need to repair the Zanussi washing machine at home in Austin, TX inexpensively is the water drain system. Signs of defects in this system are either a slow drain or its complete absence.

Broken pump

Depending on the model, a different type of pump can be installed on the Zanussi washing machine. Most modern models are equipped with a vibration pump. Older models can be equipped with an asynchronous pump. Depending on the type of pump, repairing a Zanussi washing machine inexpensively will have its own characteristics.

Breakage signs

- poor quality rinsing;

- no spinning;

- stopping the machine when rinsing;

- slow drainage of water or lack thereof;

- lack of a collection of washing powder, etc

Pump types for Zanussi

Modern models, as noted above, are equipped with vibrating pumps. Their main advantage is quiet operation and minimization of the risk of water leakage. If the drainage system breaks down, the Zanussi washing machine needs to be repaired at home, as water can get into the pump. The disadvantage of this inexpensive pump type is the high risk of clogging by foreign objects. It is quite simple to extend its service life - to prevent foreign objects from entering the drum from pockets of clothes. An asynchronous pump can be installed on older models. The main reason for the repair of the Zanussi washing machine in Austin, TX is the wear of the rubber cuff on the pump shaft. The first sign of a defect is the presence of water leaks. The advantages of such pumps include their resistance to the ingress of foreign objects and a high speed of pumping water.

Pump diagnostics

If any of the signs of a malfunction in the drainage system appear, it is necessary to check the operation of the pump. Diagnostics at home is carried out in several steps - from simple to complex:

- checking the pump drain pipe for clogging by foreign objects;

In the event that it was not possible to identify the malfunction on your own, it is necessary to call a specialist in Austin, TX, who can professionally and inexpensively repair the Zanussi washing machine and replace parts. In the event that a lack of voltage is detected during the diagnostics, the problem must be looked for in the electronic "filling" of the washing machine, check the integrity of all circuits.